The Easiest Way to Pay for Tax Preparation

No cash?
No problem!

Tax preparation fees are paid directly from your refund*.

As fast as

Your refund is available the same day the IRS issues the automated payment.

Safe &

Secure, fast payment with convenient refund disbursement options.

Trusted Name Brand

Disbursement Options

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  • 24,000 free MoneyPass ATMs *
  • Free for 30 days **
  • Daily withdrawal limit of $1,500
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Receive the refund in cash (up to $7,500) from participating Walmart locations for a $7 fee.

Checks Cashed

for $10 or less

Affordable check cashing at over 11,000 locations nationwide.

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  • Checks up to $7,500 cashed for $6 or less
  • Over 5,000 locations nationwide
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  • Checks up to $9,500 cashed for $10
  • Over 6,300 locations nationwide

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